On a Thursday afternoon

Went to gym after work on Thursday :) Ran/walked for about 20 minutes on treadmill, at 15:00-14:50 pace. Ankle twinged a bit but I took Advil when I got home and had worn the brace while running.

Due to various work and class stuff, I might have my evening free now? But I should get a jump on homework? Both the stuff due Monday (reading sample proposals; blog post) and maybe future stuff? April will be busy. I have birthday parties, weddings, Easter…there’s like, 3 weekends where I’m losing a whole day. And the rough draft of my lit review is due April 6.

Anyway. I want to ease back into ice skating too —I’ve pretty much given up on the 5/16 competition though :-(
But I might wait a few more weeks before putting on my skates. Maybe find a quiet, daytime public session so it’s not too crowded. As the weather gets nicer though, the weekend public sessions usually get less chaotic/crowded though.

And Camp NaNowrimo is starting in April again! And I’m leading a cabin this time! I only set my WC goal for 10,000 (like July 2014) but still. I guess it is all a good thing that I wasn’t picked for Broad Street, couldn’t do the competition (because of both my ankle and not being USFS-eligible), etc…and yet April-May will still be hectic. And I’m still sad about both Broad Street and the competition. I’ve missed running, especially now that the bad weather may(?) be behind us. I know I’m not 100 percent back yet either.

No Broad Street this year :-(

I did not get picked for the Broad Street registration lottery this year. But that’s okay. I was a bit uneasy about doing it again because my time is still slow. Also, right after I’d registered, my figure skating teacher told the class about a competition she wanted us to all enter, in May–around the same time as Broad Street. And I have the graduate class that is taking over my life (in a good way but still). So I was getting worried about how this would all play out and if I’d be able to train properly for both a race and my first skating competition.

So this actually all works out now, not getting into Broad Street.

Also, dear God, what have I gotten myself into with a skating competition?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day to the loves of MY life: R2D2 the MacBook, Suzi Subaru, and Ol’ Blue (phone). Love you guys lots! I am blessed.

I mean, I’ve accidentally erased my hard drive more than once but we’re still together. If our love can survive Yosemite, it can survive anything. R2D2 MacBook: Best MacBook Ever

2015-02-14 23.22.37

I know the photo’s dark. It’s like, midnight, and I should be doing schoolwork. Let’s take what we can get.

Also, happy Valentine’s Day. Mother Nature got us more snow. Yay.