Dredging up old memories (sorry, it’s long)

This letter reminded me of the last car accident I was involved in. The TL;DR summary is that if you’re on medication that causes severe dizziness, or any other driving impairment, then please don’t go all over the road willy-nilly. Below is what happens with even a “minor” car accident which was so confusing that the responding police were like, “we are going to need Matchbox cars to diagram this properly.”

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SDCC 2015: Why with all the Prequel-Bashing?


Yes to all this, let’s please stop acting like Mark Hamill’s hand was actually cut off in Empire Strikes Back or some such noise.

Originally posted on Clone Corridor:

San Diego Comic-Con 2015 has come and gone and it has been amazing… for the most part. Clone Corridor was started in April of this year not long after the end of SWC: Anaheim and, partly, as a consequence of the attitude at SWC: Anaheim. The first post posted to this website was ‘The Risk of Ignoring the Prequels’, a post I wrote in the middle of the night while slightly mad, much like this one right now. Like everyone else I was ecstatic about the upcoming film and the newly released teaser trailer, but I was also curious as to why not a single interview about The Force Awakens could be had without unnecessary emphasis on “original” and “practical” effects and lack of CGI. Now I am in the exact same position, only a little wiser and a little sadder.

What I’ve come to think, and what I’ve been arguing for…

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As healed as I’ll ever be

My ankle’s all better! Or, as better as it’ll ever be, I guess. I can go back to ice skating and running but I need running shoes that will prevent my foot from rolling anymore. And I can’t jump right back into ice skating jumps (heh heh). Also, my right foot’s one true calling, apparently, is to roll outward all the time, so I have to constantly watch out for that. It’s like my ankle is all the teenagers in Footloose who just want to daaaance! and I’m the annoying John Lithgow meanie who spoils their fun.

Doing my 3rd (?) Camp NaNoWriMo this July! I’m still working on the same story because I’m the world’s slowest writer :-( But the first 10 chapters are actually done and undergoing review. In September, I have to start writing my Capstone project for school. If all goes well, I might have my Master’s degree by May 2016? That’s a bit frightening.

Oh, you know how everyone makes fun of me for having “locked” knees all the time when I’m just like, standing around and minding my own business? Well, we learned how to do spirals at last week’s ice skating lesson and the key to a good spiral (similar to an arabesque in ballet) is to keep the knee on the raised leg locked as much as possible. And I’m a natural at that, according to my instructor :-P (Yes, I get to brag about this. I can’t do anything about how “weird” my knees are when I’m just randomly not doing anything and now it turns out that it’s not a bug, it’s a feature? You’re damn right I’m going to brag).

Like, maybe people should just shut the hell up about people’s bodies every now and then (aka, all the time), you know? I know my knees are weird. I know I walk strangely. I know I could stand to lose a few pounds. I know what my hair looks like when I leave the house. I don’t need other people pointing it out to me so if you (“you”=generic, abstract you) feel an overwhelming urge to comment…maybe don’t. Maybe keep it to yourself next time. Thank you.

Ankle update

4.84 mile run today! For an 1 hour, 21 minutes, 31 seconds at average 16:50 pace. During the height of mid-day, when it was about 85 degrees, and I was wearing black running capris and a black running shirt. Not my best decision, granted, but I didn’t die of heat stroke *or re-sprain my ankle. I did walk a lot on the way back, especially uphill. That seems to be the biggest problem for me lately. This was my longest (slowest) run in months. My legs are still shaky and my back hurts :-( I forgot about that aspect of long runs. I should be writing but I’m fighting the urge to take a long nap, because it would mean another night of not being able to fall asleep until 3 a.m. which kind of sucks when you’re trying to get to work well before 10 a.m., which means waking up at like, 6:30 a.m.

Basically, I am a lazy sloth and it’s no wonder my ankle is still screwed up.