Ankle update

4.84 mile run today! For an 1 hour, 21 minutes, 31 seconds at average 16:50 pace. During the height of mid-day, when it was about 85 degrees, and I was wearing black running capris and a black running shirt. Not my best decision, granted, but I didn’t die of heat stroke *or re-sprain my ankle. I did walk a lot on the way back, especially uphill. That seems to be the biggest problem for me lately. This was my longest (slowest) run in months. My legs are still shaky and my back hurts :-( I forgot about that aspect of long runs. I should be writing but I’m fighting the urge to take a long nap, because it would mean another night of not being able to fall asleep until 3 a.m. which kind of sucks when you’re trying to get to work well before 10 a.m., which means waking up at like, 6:30 a.m.

Basically, I am a lazy sloth and it’s no wonder my ankle is still screwed up.

Hello again!

Haven’t written in a long while, I know! Brief recap of winter:

  • sprained ankle at end of February
  • finishing up intense graduate class about academic research and writing, in preparation for Capstone (thesis) project. I could possibly have my Master’s degree by Spring 2016? That seems terrifying which is a whole other ball of wax
  • may have slightly re-sprained ankle last Friday while out running
  • Haven’t been ice skating since end of February both because of ankle and various weekend committments that would then crop up. Yay for all you wedding’d, Communionized, birthday-having, etc. people but I’m now considering a six-month stint as a hermit, just to recharge my batteries.
  • writing a fanfic story when I should be doing homework so you know, that’s fun
  • I also got pinkeye for like, 26 hours, which I didn’t even know was a thing.
    • Hurray for not getting pink eye until my 30s!
      • How does one get to be almost 32 and never had pinkeye before?!

Thus concludes our recap.

On a Thursday afternoon

Went to gym after work on Thursday :) Ran/walked for about 20 minutes on treadmill, at 15:00-14:50 pace. Ankle twinged a bit but I took Advil when I got home and had worn the brace while running.

Due to various work and class stuff, I might have my evening free now? But I should get a jump on homework? Both the stuff due Monday (reading sample proposals; blog post) and maybe future stuff? April will be busy. I have birthday parties, weddings, Easter…there’s like, 3 weekends where I’m losing a whole day. And the rough draft of my lit review is due April 6.

Anyway. I want to ease back into ice skating too —I’ve pretty much given up on the 5/16 competition though :-(
But I might wait a few more weeks before putting on my skates. Maybe find a quiet, daytime public session so it’s not too crowded. As the weather gets nicer though, the weekend public sessions usually get less chaotic/crowded though.

And Camp NaNowrimo is starting in April again! And I’m leading a cabin this time! I only set my WC goal for 10,000 (like July 2014) but still. I guess it is all a good thing that I wasn’t picked for Broad Street, couldn’t do the competition (because of both my ankle and not being USFS-eligible), etc…and yet April-May will still be hectic. And I’m still sad about both Broad Street and the competition. I’ve missed running, especially now that the bad weather may(?) be behind us. I know I’m not 100 percent back yet either.

No Broad Street this year :-(

I did not get picked for the Broad Street registration lottery this year. But that’s okay. I was a bit uneasy about doing it again because my time is still slow. Also, right after I’d registered, my figure skating teacher told the class about a competition she wanted us to all enter, in May–around the same time as Broad Street. And I have the graduate class that is taking over my life (in a good way but still). So I was getting worried about how this would all play out and if I’d be able to train properly for both a race and my first skating competition.

So this actually all works out now, not getting into Broad Street.

Also, dear God, what have I gotten myself into with a skating competition?